Rhythms To Revive The Spirit

Music from cultures across the Caribbean, mixed with 3-Canal, Steelpan, Mungal Patasar and the voices of the Freetown Collective will come together in a single production designed to lift the Caribbean spirit and launch the Common Sense Convois later this month.
“Re-awakening the Caribbean Spirit” is the title of an original production that will also feature original music by Raf Robertson, with choreograph and management by by Cuban dance lecturer Jorge Morejon and artistic direction by Rawle Gibbons.
It takes place on Sunday March 18 at 6 p.m. in the Scherzando panyard in Curepe.
The “Re-awakening” is a unique event designed to evoke the fullness of the Caribbean cultural experience and display the richness of the tapestry of its many strands. It will represent the many languages of the Caribbean as well as the variety of rhythms in a broad sweep that will include the expressions of the First Peoples right across to that of today’s youth.
Tickets are priced at $150 and are available at 663 5463; 662 9023. For further information on the Common Sense Convois, please go to www.lloydbestinstitute.org

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