Happy 76th Birthday, Bertie!

Bertie Marshall, an enduring legend of pan, turns 76 today and we of the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies wish him good health, great times and a lifetime in the glory of pan.
Bertie Marshall is an acknowledged pioneering scientist of the Steelpan with a genius’ ear for sound. History credits him with the introduction of harmonic tuning of Steelpan notes in 1956 and the invention of the Double Tenor.
All his life, he has been driven by the quest to improve the acoustics of the Steelpan to produce its purest sound by eliminating what he calls “the noise”.
This led him to amplify the instrument and to invent the Bertfone. A disastrous fire halted those efforts but the passion has remained. And if perchance you pass by his home,
listen out closely. It will be the one streaming pan music, night and day.
Happy Birthday, Bertie.

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