Jouvay Goes Gold

Straight Case of Mud, Fete and Tears For 2012

The Jouvay Ayiti band that was spawned at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA) at UWI last year, has evolved into a Mas Camp-Us of the same name with a mission to take community theatre in Carnival to another level.
For Carnival 2012, Jouvay Ayiti the band presents “Mud, Fete and Tears: Fifty Years of Independence”. The band is a four-group collaboration that includes the DCFA, Scherzando Steelband Co-operative, Makemba Kunle’s Studio 66 and the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies, publishers of the T&T Review.
Translated into Jouvay terms, the linking of Mas to 50 years of Independence means ole mas in gold mud – a variety of perspectives on the last 50 years.
The band had its media launch last Wednesday, November 30, at Scherzando Panyard in Curepe where band co-ordinator Marvin George described the genesis of the Jouvay Ayiti initiative and its transformation from band to Mas Camp-us.
Jouvay Ayiti brings a number of unique elements to the Jouvay and mas camp experience. One is the opportunity it presents for student research into subject matter and technique. Another is the collaborations with some of the country’s major artists which connects the artist to the Carnival mainstream. This Carnival, Studio 66 is the key artist partner, along with the multi-talented Bill Trotman and others. Jouvay Ayiti is also committed to protecting a space for steelband in Carnival. This year, it will hit the road with the neighbourhood band, Scherzando.
Veteran calypsonians Trotman and Valentino officiated at last week’s launch although Trotman assumed the role of a frisky Dame Lorraine leaving Valentino to take the microphone with his ironic “Trinidad Is Nice”, an anthem of a different kind for modern Trinidad and Tobago.

In launching the band, George invited the public to join the band by organizing themselves into sections of their own designs on the Independence theme of “Mud, Fete and Tears”. The mas camp will be located at the DCFA’s premises at Agostini Street, St Augustine, just outside the university’s northern entrance.
The price of membership has been set at $150 per person but will drop to $100 for groups of ten and more.
For more information, readers can write to or call: 320-0041.

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