Cuban Hibiscus For Lamming

George Lamming

The Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) has awarded the first ever Caribbean Hibiscus Prize to Barbadian writer George Lamming.
The award was presented to Lamming in acknowledgement of his entire body of work and of his lifetime contribution to the literary arts. Among those attending the award ceremony was Cuba’s Culture Minister Abel Prieto.
In an interview with the Cuban News Agency (ACN), the prizewinning intellectual expressed his appreciation for the honours received in Cuba, particularly, he said, because of the value placed on the concept of culture by the Cubans for whom it is a weapon in defence of their Revolution.
In the interview with ACN, Lamming noted that this cultural awareness is what has promoted the solidarity around the Revolution.
Miguel Barnet, president of the UNEAC, said that the award of the Hibiscus Prize is also aimed at spreading national culture and the work of the institution.
During the ceremony, Cuban writer Nancy Morejon pointed out that the Hibiscus Prize is named after a flower common to Caribbean nations, and that Lamming was selected to receive this first edition of the prize because his works promote an understanding of Nature, of the Caribbean environment and the regional spirit.
Lamming has a large production of short stories, essays, poems and novels, in which he reflects subjects like the exile, racial issues, history and the search for identity, among others.
His links with Cuba go back to the 1970s and revolve around his relationship with Havana’s Casa de las Americas, Cuba’s cultural institution.
He has been an advisor to the Center of Caribbean Studies (CEC) and was a member of the jury for the Casa Prizes (Anglo-Caribbean literature) in 1976.
The Publishing Fund of Casa de las Americas has printed works by Lamming including In the Castle of My Skin and The Pleasures of Exile, for its classic collection of Latin American and Caribbean Literature.
Among the honours bestowed on Lamming by Cuba is the Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Havana.
(SOURCE: Cuba News Agency)

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