Building An Energy Bridge To Africa

The Return Trip

They were brought shackled and in chains, unwilling participants of Europe’s expansion across the Atlantic into the New World of the West Indies. For hundreds of years, the Africans survived in the Caribbean as people without even the right to be acknowledged as human beings.
Today, 500 years later, their descendants in Trinidad And Tobago are making the return trip to Africa, taking with them other members of the New World family. Together, with the gifts of twenty first century energy technology, they join Africa’s effort to lift itself from a past of destruction, into a future of promise and potential fulfilled.
This is a magical story of Africa’s lost children who have appeared in the twenty first century with the technological secrets to join Africa in unlocking the door into a more viable future in its own attempts to . free itself from a destructive legacy of exploitation and domination. For both Trinidad and Tobago and Africa, the re-engagement is, above all, a story of triumph, redemption and historic destiny.
But as Africa beckons, are we ready? On this Emancipation Day, this is the question that the Trinidad and Tobago Review puts on the table for discussion.

(See Gregory McGuire, Anthony Paul and Thackwray Driver inside)

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