Mendes Records Fastest Swim Around Gasparee Island

Swimmers at the start of the swim.

The Trinity Masters Swimmers staged their 7th Annual Linden Scott Swim Around Gasparee Island—a distance of 5,800 meters on Sunday February 20th, starting from Bombshell Bay swimming to the west on the southern side of the island around Point Balen circling back to Bombshell Bay, finishing on the beach.
Ryan Mendes, a former Cross Harbour Champion 1987 and a champion Triathlete, finished the swim in a record time of 1 hour, 26.32 minutes. He was followed home by Richard Knaggs, Bruce Kaufmann, Jodi Gomez and Alex Smailes.
A total of 39 swimmers started the swim with 36 finishing the grueling, punishing race. Three swimmers who did not complete the swim had to be picked up. All swimmers, although happy to finish the swim, talked about the currents they experienced in the last 500 meters from Chinese Bay to the Finish line. It is always a tough challenge to get around the final bend. Gordon Borde, a former triple Cross Harbour Winner of the 1960s who is one of the chief engineers of this annual event and has participated in all the swims to date, said Trinity Masters are getting many request from younger swimmers to participate in this stamina course, but have not accepted entries to date. “Because of the tremendous amount of safety involved, we will need to put in place arrangements for approximately 150 – 200 swimmers,” he explained.

Swimmers before the start of the swim.

Borde said several foreign master swimmers have been hearing about the swim and are expressing an interest in participating—which could be an opportunity for the Ministry of Tourism to come on board.
All swimmers who took part in the swim received a jersey with a map of Gasparee Island indicating the course, courtesy of Southern Sales and Services—Kia Division.

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