My Mistake

The Editor
 Re: My Review of The Island Quintet.
In my review last month of Raymond Ramcharitar’s, The Island Quintet, in reference to his New York Story therein, I wrote that Ramcharitar, objecting to being asked to mow lawns, had written the line, “I, who had read Proust!”
 As a courtesy, I sent him an electronic copy of my review.
When he replied asking whether he’d really written that line, a penny dropped in my 50-year-old memory and I realised I had conflated a conversation he and I had in person at the time of its publication with the text of a series he had written for the Sunday Express; he had indeed said that line but I am not now sure he wrote it.
He was willing “to cop to it” since it was in keeping with the humour he intended in the story but the mistake was mine and I would like to correct it, please.
Yours truly,
BC Pires

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